My name is Drew.
I like Waffle House coffee, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Jesus Christ and b-horror movies.
I sing in a band called On My Honor.


Before I go into anything else, I’ll openly acknowledge the taste of hypocrisy in the fact that this is a blog post.
Today I witnessed one of the most disgusting displays of a witch-hunt mentality in the alternative music scene that I can remember. It’s refreshing to see it die and the air clear up a bit, but I’m afraid very few will learn from or even acknowledge their own mistakes, thus I felt it important to add my last two cents on the issue. I’ve seen a good bit of finger pointing at reporting blogs and the like, but few if any of those who were the first to throw stones are saying, “I’m sorry. I made a quick and uninformed judgement.”
Racism, homophobia and other gender issues have certainly found a soap box on social media. Tumblr, Facebook groups and Twitter can be a great way to communicate awareness on these issues, find those with common interests and push for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, more times than not I see them being used to polarize the issues further, giving a voice and promoting a mob-mentality to people who are all too eager to hide behind a keyboard and cast hurtful, ignorant language at others who they know little or absolutely nothing about personally. Ironically, this is the same behavior I see most of these individuals claiming they’re fighting against.
Being involved in the “alternative music scene” for the past twelve years, I’ve grown up with the belief that this is the exact sort of thing we are meant to be standing up against—the blind torch-bearing and following of who ever lit the trendiest match. I felt physically ill and less a part of this scene today than I have in a very long time. This is just the perspective of one individual, however I would like to challenge anyone who may see this to think things through and maybe extend a line of communication, rather than the sharp end of a spear, to those you have doubts or concerns about. Sometimes we all need to check our egos a bit.
I personally feel like an onslaught of “fans,” barely attending shows while jumping on whichever over-politically-correct bandwagon is trending on tumblr to be far more damaging to a punk rock community than something like 5 Seconds of Summer appearing on the cover of Alternative Press.
I simply ask everyone to remember that your words have weight. Maybe your posts aren’t as “liked” as the people you have issues with, but once you put it out there, it’s out there. Be sure your opinions are informed, and more importantly, be sure they’re your own.
Take care of each other.

Dallas, TX. Summer tour 2014. Photo: Ash Subphamitra

Dallas, TX. Summer tour 2014. Photo: Ash Subphamitra

I teared up a little in the van tonight, listening to a couple of bands whose members I consider great friends. Those friends were mostly pretty young when I first met them—first tours, new bands or the like. It’s an odd feeling to be so proud of them and somewhat overwhelming to think about receiving love from such talented and beautiful hearts, who I know have a lot of people asking for a piece of that experience. I have a lot to appreciate. Thanks for sharing and letting me share.

On My Honor, The Sheds, Smalls. Augusta, GA. Summer tour 2014.

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His devotion to Jesus Christ.

Answering questions on the drive to Houston over at!

Off day in Denver. Attending the sports match with some friends. Denver, CO. Summer tour 2014.